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High memory usage with collectd

collectd itself is intended as lightweight collecting agent for metrics and events. In larger infrastructure, the data is sent over the network to a central point, where data is stored and processed further.

This introduces a potential issue: what happens, if the remote endpoint to write data to is not …

Config snippets for collectd configured by TripleO

This is mostly a brain dump for myself for later reference, but may be also useful for others.

As I wrote in an earlier post, collectd is configured on OpenStack TripleO driven deployments by a config file.

        - write_http
                url …

Configuring collectd plugins with TripleO

A way of deploying OpenStack is to use TripleO. This takes the an approach to deploy a small OpenStack environment, and then to take OpenStack provided infrastructure and tools to deploy the actual production environment. This is actually done by an addition to the openstack command line client:

openstack overcloud …

Operational Tools in CentOS

A while ago, we proposed the OpsTools SIG. Its idea is to provide tools for operators, system administrators, etc.

Now we have a repository for testing purposes:

yum install

Documentation can be found on GitHub, and …

Disable "Resource Usage"-dashboard in Horizon

When using Horizon as Admin user, you probably saw the metering dashboard, also known as "Resource Usage".

It internally uses Ceilometer; Ceilometer continuously collects data from configured data sources. In a cloud environment, this can quickly grow enormously. When someone visits the metering dashboard in Horizon, Ceilometer then will accumulate …